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CBL Foods International (Pvt) Ltd

Manufacturing chocolates, cakes, biscuits, wafers and jelly, the company owns a 200,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility.

CBL Natural Foods (Pvt) Ltd

An export oriented company that produces and markets natural & certified organic fruit products, cashew nuts and coconut products.

Visit Site:http://www.cblnaturalfoods.com

Convenience Foods (Lanka) PLC

Sri Lanka’s pioneer and the largest manufacturer of textured soya nuggets & producers of a range of jelly crystals, instant soup mixes and snacks.

Plenty Foods (Pvt) Limited

Manufacturers of Sri Lanka’s most consumed cereal product and herbal porridges made from 100% locally sourced raw material.

CBL Exports (Pvt) Ltd

A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, this company was established at Seethawaka Export Processing Zone with the aim of catering to the ever growing global market.

CBL Bangladesh (Pvt) Ltd

Ceylon Biscuits Bangladesh (Pvt) Ltd, a wholly owned enterprise of Ceylon Biscuits Limited was inaugurated in 2014.  This is the first Sri Lankan owned confectionery Company in Bangladesh producing quality Biscuits, Wafers and Chocolate coated biscuits for the large consumer base of the country.

CBL Agroprocessors (Pvt) Ltd

CBL Agroprocessors (Private) Limited was inaugurated in 2012 to source locally produced raw materials for the Food Processing Industry especially to the needs of the CBL Group.

CBL Cocos (Pvt) Ltd

CBL Cocos is one of Sri Lanka's largest and fully equipped producers of desiccated coconut and value added products. The state of the art facility is on par with global factory capability and technology backed by qualified, trained and professional staff.

CBL Global Foods (Pvt) Ltd

CBL Global Foods Limited is a fully integrated company home to an advanced UHT aseptic filling plant comprising a sophisticated steam infusion and downstream homogenisation process. The in-house laboratory constantly conducts R&D of customised coconut milk and water based products.

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