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Infrastructure development

Munchee Samaga Gamata Sarana –
Issues in rural sector are addressed helping the needy rural community, where all projects are carried out jointly with the community that directly benefit from the project.

Projects include providing Drinking water to villages and schools that suffered for generations without proper drinking water facilities. Build road ways and bridges for villages that were not easily accessible by motor vehicles which resulted in the residents having to walk miles to the closest road, crossing waterways and mires along the way. And setting up of study centres, libraries, Computer laboratories and science laboratories for villages and schools that could only dream of them, even though they were desperately needed.

Nena Medura -
CBL commenced a project to put up a library, a study hall, a vocational training centre and a restaurant, housed in a three storey building for the benefit of school children, students, professionals, government servants etc. in the neighborhood of Makumbura, Pannipitiya. This centre conducts English classes for children, youth and adults and facilitates conducting of vocational training programs and other community based awareness programs.

Street Lamps for Habarakada Road -
Together with the Kaduwela Pradeshiya Saba, CBL fixed and maintain street lamps in the adjoining the Habarakada Road, along a 3 Km stretch. This benefits the villagers as well as the company employees who report to work and clock off work at 10.00 p.m.

Pre-School -
- Re-construction of a pre-school which was in a dilapidate condition to accommodate 25 children of the farmer families connected to the company.
- Construction of a Nursery at Pathinigama to accommodate 50 children
- Construction of a security fence at Thammennagama Junior school to prevent children running to the road

Drinking Water
Funds were provided to Kithulhitiyawa area for drinking water project scheme. The construction was carried out by the farmers with the participation of the field staff of the company.
The scheme was successfully completed and the entire population of the area is now facilitated with pipe borne water.

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