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Entrepreneurship development

Entrepreneurship development

Kithul Treacle & Jaggery
A traditional product with high demand for quality and uniformity, CBL’s purchase of quality Kithul sap from the farmer and processing under technically specified conditions, ensure a guaranteed price, eliminating the middle men and preventing adulteration of products. The process enhances the farmers’ income and supplies a quality product to consumers. Potential for export exists.

Bee’s Honey
Sri Lanka’s best bee’s honey producing areas are Bindunuwewa, Keppetipola and Welimada (Uva district). To help beekeepers CBL gives a guaranteed price in purchasing honey. CBL plans to rekindle the bee keepers’ operations through a promotional programme to help increase their income level and reduce Sri Lanka’s reliance on imported honey.

Garlic in Bee’s Honey
Garlic cured in Bee’s Honey is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy. CBL’s product’s uniqueness - a special kind of garlic commonly known as ‘Medicinal Garlic’ (Allium Sativum / ‘Rahanagala’ variety / ‘Beheth Sudulunu’). CBL encourages farmers to grow this variety commercially which provides them with much needed additional income. Part profits earned through these products are channeled to the farms to improve livelihood and the industry.

Out-grower Scheme for the Bogahawewa Farmers
Bogahawewa farmers were educated by CBL in the added benefits of growing Kurakkan, Soya, Green Gram and Maize in their five-acre allotments and their entire produce is bought at a guaranteed price by CBL. CBL shall establish a grinding mill and assist in operations until they become self sufficient.

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