Our Products

Fuelled by innovation and driven by quality, CBL’s product portfolio delights consumers around the world.



Be it for treating friends or family, or as just a snack, there is always a Munchee Biscuit!


Pioneers of chocolate coated food products, chocolate beans, extruded cereal and chocolate bars in Sri Lanka, we offer a wide range of chocolates for the whole family.


Our cakes are made and packed to international standards via a fully automated production line, featuring a state-of-the-art ‘clean room’ facility.

Soya Based Products

High protein, 100% vegetarian soya products in varied flavours, shapes and textures.  

Cereal Products

Ceylon Biscuits Limited’s cereals are made mostly from nutritious grains grown in Sri Lanka, directly sourced from farmers through our backward integration programme.

Herbal Porridge

A traditional herbal morning meal; a nutritious supplement that will keep you on the go all day.  


A selection of soups made to great recipes; Quick Soup is fast and easy to make.

Organic Products

High quality spices, cashew, coconut products and fruit products from Sri Lanka, exclusively for our global customers.  

All Natural

Great for body and mind, all natural products contain extracts straight from the source.

Extruded Snacks

A smart and healthier option of snacking for the new generation.

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