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Our History

The Early Years – Perseverance and Determination

William’s Biscuit factory, Sri Lanka’s first biscuit factory owned by Mr. Williams was a small scale handmade biscuit venture.  In 1939, Mr. Simon Arthur Wickramasingha (1902-1984) acquired this factory, launching ‘Williams Confectionery’ with just 10 employees. It was mechanized in 1957 with Baker Perkins lines from the UK.

The Joint Venture – National Welfare

In the 1960’s, ‘Williams’ together with the Sri Lankan Government and CARE of USA, manufactured high-protein biscuits to supplement mid-day meals for school children, based on a proposal by Mineka Wickramasingha, current Group Chairman, to improve the nutritional standard of Sri Lankan children. For this purpose a biscuit factory was built on eight acres of rubber land surrounded by green paddy fields in Pannipitiya in 1968.

Entering Commercial Scale Manufacture - Strategic Direction and Growth

CBL’s commercial operations in the 1980’s recorded highest growth rates in any industry in Sri Lanka. CBL ventured into India setting up manufacturing plants and acquiring related companies while also acquiring several companies in the food industry and thereby establishing CBL Foods.

Developing Innovation and Export – Research and Going Global

The group’s innovative product range, high quality standards and aggressive marketing strategies have allowed many of CBL’s brands to become market leaders in their respective categories, while enabling an ever expanding global presence.

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