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Chairman – Mr. Ramya Wickramasingha

Mr. Ramya Wickramasingha brings much knowledge to Ceylon Biscuits Limited and has over 43 years of experience in the field of Biscuit & Confectionary Manufacturing.

He was educated at Borough Polytechnic, London, UK, (presently known as the University of Southbank) and the prestigious American Institute of Bakery, USA. He trained at Associated Biscuits Ltd, UK, on the manufacture of Huntley Palmer biscuits. He also trained in biscuit manufacture in Germany.

Mr. Ramya Wickramasingha has been in charge of the research & development division of CBL and has been involved in the organization’s operational aspects since its establishment. He has contributed largely to CBL introducing many innovative products which have developed into market leaders and trend setters.

Having served as the Immediate Past President of the Lanka Confectionery Manufacturing Association, Mr. Wickramasingha has been a member of the Food Advisory Committee of Sri Lanka.

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