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President Emeritus – Mr. Mineka Wickramasingha

Mr. Mineka Wickramasingha has over 43 years of industry experience. Educated at St. Peter’s College, Colombo, he is a graduate in Bakery Science from the Borough Polytechnic, UK (now known as the University of South Banks, UK).

Son of Mr. Simon Arthur Wickramasingha, the pioneer of ‘Williams Confectionery’, Mineka Wickramasingha was instrumental in the company commencing operations under the name Ceylon Biscuits Limited in 1968. This transformation was brought about through his resourceful venture of developing a high protein biscuit for a national level programme, initiated by the CARE organisation of the USA and Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka. He has been acknowledged by CARE for developing the formula for the biscuit, which has been adopted and used internationally by CARE.

A key decision maker in CBL’s efforts to infiltrate the export market, Mr. Wickramasingha steers the strategic direction of the organisation through quality improvement and innovativeness in products.

An Entrepreneur, Mr. Mineka Wickramasingha has set up companies in the fields of Confectionary, Canning and Hospitality; and acts as the Chairman in most of these organisations. He has served as the chairman of the Southern Regional Economic Development Commission.

He is renowned for his writings including the short story ‘Play Mate’, which won the State Literary Award in 1996 in the short story category. Writing in his spare time, he is recognized for his contribution to the newspapers. His last publication is the novel ‘E-danda’. Also a selection of his outstanding articles written over the years was recently compiled and published under the title 'Impressions'. 

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