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Uplifting the Community

The CBL group is intertwined with many communities spread across the island. Our main sources are most of the communities with whole we have built long lasting close ties. Helping uplift these communities is a duty we fulfill with great pleasure.


Farmer upliftment through backward integration

In buying resources we ensure that the farmers who provide us with products receive the best price for their hard work: helping them stand on their feet and develop their community.

Empowering the differently abled

Aiming to empower the differently-abled to stand as equals contributing to the development of the country and improve their quality of life, providing hope.

Entrepreneurship development

Empowering herbal and traditional food industries in Sri Lanka, we help promote local food stuff and help rural communities.

Infrastructure development

In our effort to help build the nation we find infrastructure development to be key. We have several projects dotted around the island.

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