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From prevention of school drop outs through workshops for examination years, School seminars on productivity, Workshops for pre-school children and parents, teacher training programmes and Edutainment programmes, CBL’s effort to promote education in Sri Lanka has been a success.


Prevention of school drop outs

The largest student education support programme carried out by a private sector organisation in Sri Lanka, prevent students dropping out of school.

Workshops for year five students facing government scholarship examination

A programme carried out for students in rural areas with lesser academic facilities to support them to confidently face the Government scholarship examination.

Workshops for O/L students

Ceylon Biscuits Limited is involved in execution of O/L Scholarship Workshops, conducted over weekends for over 22,000 students around the Sri Lanka.  

Productivity Seminars

CBL’s innovative cake brand Tiara in collaboration with the National Productivity Secretariat conducts seminars on the significance and benefits of productivity at school level.  

Workshops for preschool children and parents

Early learning at preschool stage is imperative for proper growth of the mind. Our workshops help parents and teachers develop their skills in looking after and teaching toddlers.  

Edutainment Programs

A televised programme bringing historical, natural, cultural and industrial treasures of Sri Lanka to light Ritzbury Journey Day targets school children and teachers.

Teacher Training

A teacher training programme organized by CBL, this free of charge programmes encourage, develop and train teachers.

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