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Unflavoured Soya Nuggets

‘Lankasoy Unflavoured’ range comes in an array of nugget shapes and flake form: a great way to cook. Unflavoured Soya products are favoured mostly by those who wish to prepare dishes to their own recipe.

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Available as: 90g & 20kg bags

Lankasoy Regular

Our Regular pack allows you to make your own recipe.The packet does not contain fish or meat flavours or spices.

Available as: 70g and 1 kg packs

Lankasoy Minced Mix Regular

All you need to do is use the flakes directly from the pack! Temper and cook for few minutes with other home ingredients. The mix can be used to prepare short-eats, sandwiches, lasagna and omelette etc.

Available as: 1kg, 5kg and 10 kg bags

Lankasoy Bulk Soya – Tikiri

The nuggets of this product are smaller than the regular size and available in bulk packs.

Available as 1kg, 5kg and 10kg bags

Lankasoy Bulk Soya – Cuttle Fish Shape

The nuggets of this product are ring shaped and medium sized and are available in bulk packs.

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