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Chocolate Coated Biscuits

Chocolate coated biscuits by CBL are of high quality and made to international standards. The tasty biscuits and the smooth coatings are a choco lover’s delight!

Ceylon Biscuits Limited,

Exports/ Sales & Marketing Division,

P.O. Box 03,Makumbura Pannipitiya. Sri Lanka

+94 11 5000000 inquiry.cbl@cbllk.com


Available as: 60g, 120g and 200g packs.

Ritzbury Chunky Choc

A delightful cream centre sandwiched between two crispy biscuits, enveloped with folds of rich milk chocolate. A real Chunky Choc!

Available as: 16g, 28g, 40g, 100g, 130g and 200g packs.

Ritzbury Chocolate Fingers

A crisp "finger" biscuit coated in rich milk chocolate. So irresistible, that once you start tasting … you simply won’t be able to stop.

Available as: 40g and 100g packs

Ritzbury Choco-Mo

Thick coatings of sweet chocolate on crispy biscuits. It’s a real chocolate biscuit to indulge in!

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