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Chocolate Coated Candy Bars

Sweetness at large…. CBL Chocolate Coated Candy Bars. Energy giving and delectable, they are easy to have on the go!

Ceylon Biscuits Limited

Exports / Sales & Marketing Division

P.O. Box 03,Makumbura Pannipitiya. Sri Lanka

+94 115000000 inquiry.cbl@cbllk.com


Available as:  20g

Ritzbury Duo

Good things come in combinations like the fun filled bar of Ritzbury Duo; chocolate coated nougat in 3 exciting flavours of Mint, Faluda & Strawberry

Available as: 20g

Ritzbury Black Magic

It's like nothing from the real world, and everything like magic. A crazy blend of chewy fruit, crunchy nuts & delicious chocolate all rolled into one. A taste to relish & recharge your batteries

Available as: 13g and 26g


Let the soft caramel & nougat center of Rave tantalize your taste buds, together with the delightful rich layer of chocolate.


Available as: 13g and 26g


‘Roasted, caramelized and coated with rich chocolate’, what better way to enjoy peanuts?

Available as: 13g and 26g


Get the real taste of the tropics with Tropica Candy Bar. Made to a secret recipe with Sri Lankan coconut, this candy bar will enchant any sweet tooth!

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