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Chocolate Coated Balls

Whether it’s with rice crispies, raisins or peanuts, Chocolate coated balls brings you pure enjoyment.

Ceylon Biscuits Limited

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Available as: 11g, 30g and 60g
Chocolate coated balls

Ritzbury Choc-A-Nut

The classic rich smooth chocolate covered peanut in our classic pack. Choc-A-Nut brings you the original Ritzbury chocolate taste with the best in peanut selections.

Available as: 12g and 20g

Ritzbury Popit

Pop them in your mouth and crunch on the delicious rich milk chocolate coated rice crispies.

Available as: 11g

Ritzbury Choco Fruit

Chocolate fruity balls to relish! Enjoy sweet-tangy flavour of plump juicy raisins coated with delicious smooth creamy chocolate.

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