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Caterers Range

The secret of a good chocolate based recipe is high quality chocolate. Our Caterers Range offers you milk, white and dark chocolate that is ideal for your special dessert.

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Available as:  1 Kg pack

Revello Premium Dark

Add a flair of quality and fine taste to your desserts, bakes and cuisine in general with the irresistible goodness of Revello Premium Dark Caterer's chocolates.  With premium cocoa butter, it truly is the finest way to make your chocolaty creations come alive.

Available as: 400g and 1800g

Ritzbury Superfine Milk

Superfine offers you smooth milk chocolate for your cooking and baking needs, be it for delicious desserts or chocolate-based snacks.

Available as: 1800g

Ritzbury Superfine White

Luxurious, sweet and white, CBL’s Superfine White is great for that dessert that needs a touch of luscious white chocolate!

Available as: 400g and 1800g

Ritzbury Superfine Dark

Used by most caterers and professional chefs around the world, Superfine offers you rich dark chocolate ideal for all your cooking and baking needs.

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