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Natural Bee's Honey

Tease your tongue with man’s oldest known natural sweetener – bee’s honey: A total supplement of rich in enzymes, Vitamins, Beta carotene and 18 free amino acids. We bring you bees honey from the wilderness of the Uva highlands of Sri Lanka, straight to your hands, in a neat jar. While the garlic used in our mixed product is botanically known as Allium sativum (the Rahangala variety), an indigenous variety of garlic, rich in aroma and fragrance.

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Available as: 220ml jar

Cecil Pure Natural Bee’s Honey

Unprocessed raw bee’s honey: believed by Ancients to have curative properties. From the highlands of Uva, now in an easy access form.

Available as: 255ml jar

Cecil Garlic in Bee’s Honey

Many health giving abilities have been attributed to the humble garlic bulb (Allium sativum). Experience its goodness firsthand, with garlic preserved in Bee’s honey.

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