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Savoury Biscuits

A bit of chillie and a bit of salt, to spice up our savoury range!  Did you know that Munchee savoury biscuits are enjoyed the world over!
*Spice content is altered to suit individual market requirements.

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Available as:  20g, 50g and 170g Pack

Munchee Cheezes

The great taste of real cheese and the hearty crunch of a cracker.  Munchee Cheezes takes this timeless combination and gives it a modern form that is fun, convenient and irresistible.

Available as:  150g

Munchee Potato Cracker

It's a fun new way to enjoy an old favourite.  The Munchee Potato Cracker offers the wholesome goodness and flavour of potatoes in a light, satisfying, anytime snack

Available as: 170g

Munchee Pizza Savoury

Crunchy biscuit wedges coated with real pizza flavour that tickles your savoury sense

Available as: 20g and 170g packs and 215g tin

Munchee Cheese Buttons

Cheesy buttons, small and round - great for any party or family gathering.

Available as: 20g and 170g packs

Munchee Savoury Nuts

Cashew nut shaped ‘Hot & Spicy’ Munchee Savoury Nuts are famed for their distinctive flavour*.

Available as: 20g, 100g, 170g pack and 260g tin

Munchee Snack Cracker

Dipped, topped or served with accompaniments, this crispy golden coloured cracker is great for any snack!

Available as: 20g, 170g, 250g packs

Munchee Onion Biscuits

Enjoy the real taste of onions with crispy savoury and aromatic Munchee Onion Biscuits.

Available as: 125g pack

Munchee Tifin Original

The savoury taste of this light & crispy biscuit is enjoyed by both the young and old.

Available as: 125g pack

Munchee Tifin Onion

Munchee ‘Tifin’ with a twist! Light & still crispy, its savoury onion flavour is addictive.

Available as:  180g Pack and 215g Tin

Munchee Crevo

Munchee Crevo Savoury biscuits are a fun and festive snack that adds a little snap to any occasion.  Light, tasty and just the right size, they are versatile enough to be served on their own, or with a dip or topping.

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