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A biscuit for any time of day, these light cracker biscuits are baked with air pockets on both sides, fulfilling international manufacturing standards.  

Ceylon Biscuits Limited

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Available as: 50g and 100g Pack

Munchee Kome Rice Crackers

Munchee Rice Cracker uses the nation's staple grain to create a wholesome and tasty snack. It has a unique texture, light yet full of satisfying goodness. It is available in four delightful flavours, Regular, Cheese & Chillie, BBQ, Onion, Prawn & Sweet Fantasy.

Available as:  115g pack

Munchee Sun Cracker

Munchee's latest innovation!  A round shape Cracker which is light & crisp but flaky in texture. A total taste experience of high quality at an affordable price.

Available as: 34g, 125g, 190g, 360g and 500g packs.

Cream cracker

Munchee Super Cream Cracker

International standard, vitamin-enriched Munchee Super Cream Crackers are light and flaky in texture, baked maintaining air pockets on both sides.       

Available as: 100g pack

Munchee Kurakkan Cracker

Made of Wheat flour and Kurakkan (Millet flour), this fiber-rich, golden-brown, crusty cracker is light and smooth, offering a unique flavour.

Available as: 85g and 250g packs

Munchee Super Cream Cracker Handy

Enriched with vitamins, this handy size super cream cracker is great for that small hunger.

Available as: 100g and 200g packs

Munchee Cheese Cracker

A marriage of cheese flavour with crunchy texture: the Munchee Cheese Cracker.

Available as: 100g, 160g and 240g packs

Munchee Bran Cracker

An innovative product by CBL fortified with calcium and iron, and filled with fiber.

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